Preservation Month: Historic Cemeteries of Arlington, Texas

May is Preservation Month – a time dedicated to promoting and preserving historic places. An often-overlooked element of historic preservation involves cemeteries. Arlington has more than a dozen cemeteries, and many have Texas Historical Markers. The cemeteries range in size from the sprawling Moore Memorial Gardens, with more than 30,000 memorials, to smaller sites with a few hundred burials or less.

Dr. Zack Bobo: an Arlington doctor determined to keep a-stepping

I recently read Dr. Zack Bobo’s memoir, Ramblings of a Country Doctor, published in 1977. The memoir touched on his youth, medical school, a lengthy career as a doctor, time in Arlington, and traveling. He included observations about living life, the medical profession, and a determination to “keep a-stepping” — advice from a fellow doctor he often passed onto others. Bobo lived a life full of adventure and discovery before passing away in 1987 at age 90. He’s buried at Parkdale Cemetery in Arlington.