It all started when I visited Hell’s Half Acre

I had a Texas History class in elementary school. The Alamo was undoubtedly the shining star of the curriculum, with local history tucked away as a mere footnote. I assumed that nothing “history-worthy” happened around here because we didn’t learn about it in school. Fast forward 30-something years. My journey with local history started unexpectedly in April 2020, when I stumbled into Hell’s Half Acre.

Somebody is always watching

I braved the Texas heat yesterday afternoon — it felt more like summer than fall — to track down some historical markers. I was driving in a residential neighborhood to get to the next one and passed a house with a teenager sitting on the front porch. He watched me, and I know he continued to do so as I parked a few houses down. I got out of my car, read the historical marker, and took a few photos — definitely feeling his eyes on me at this point.

Dr. Zack Bobo: an Arlington doctor determined to keep a-stepping

I recently read Dr. Zack Bobo’s memoir, Ramblings of a Country Doctor, published in 1977. The memoir touched on his youth, medical school, a lengthy career as a doctor, time in Arlington, and traveling. He included observations about living life, the medical profession, and a determination to “keep a-stepping” — advice from a fellow doctor he often passed onto others. Bobo lived a life full of adventure and discovery before passing away in 1987 at age 90. He’s buried at Parkdale Cemetery in Arlington.

North Texas Giving Day – 2021

Today is North Texas Giving Day! This annual event is a major fundraiser for more than 3,000 nonprofit organizations in North Texas. Since its inception in 2009, donations have increased every year. The organization helped raise $4 million for 345 nonprofits in the first year. That’s impressive, but realize this: in 2020, donations topped $58 million for more than 3,200 nonprofits! In 12 years, North Texas Giving Day has helped raise more than $375 million, as the event brings unrivaled awareness and support. What started as an idea is now a movement.