Lunch at Chop House Gyro

Chop House Gyro is a quick and delicious halal grill in South Arlington.

I tried Chop House Gyro for lunch today. It’s a local halal grill, although not entirely an Arlington exclusive, as they also have a location in Dallas and Plano. Chop House Gyro is located in The Village at Sports Center, a strip shopping center near my house with various ethnic cuisine options. In addition to a halal grill, the shopping center has hibachi, sushi, pho, and bobo tea, among other types of eateries, shops, and services. (Mr. Hibachi and Phở95 are also great places to eat.) Don’t let the location fool you; some of the best restaurants in town seem to be in shopping centers like this.

Chop House Gyro – Halal Grill

I ordered the Manhattan Style Salad Bowl. It consisted of lettuce, cucumbers, grilled chicken, gyro meat, falafel, crispy potatoes, fries, and pita bread. It was topped with their signature white sauce, which was similar to Ranch Dressing. (That’s not a complaint. I liked the sauce, although there was a tad too much of it.) You choose your spice level — mild, medium, or spicy — I went with medium, which had just the right amount of heat. When she brought the food to my table, there was an enticing aroma of spice and flavor. Fresh vegetables, tender chicken, very tender chunks of gyro meat, crispy fries, savory sauces, and the softest pita bread I’ve ever had made it quite enjoyable and filling. The gyro meat and pita bread was absolutely perfect; everything else was near perfection as well.

With a spacious and brightly-lit interior, friendly employees, quick service, and delicious food, Chop House Gyro is a place I will visit again. They also have rice bowls, shawarma rolls, gyro sandwiches, burgers, and other salad bowls for plenty of options.

Chop House Gyro
5005 S. Cooper St. Suite 163
Arlington, TX 76017

Blog post & photos by Jason S. Sullivan, 03-31-23

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