UTA campus: black and white photos (part 1)

On Monday evening, I explored the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) campus. I like taking photos of architecture and buildings, and I knew UTA had plenty of both. It’s also a big campus and pedestrian-friendly.

It was a successful photoshoot if I do say so myself. It may be my new favorite place to explore, especially in the evening just before and after it gets dark. (That’s why this one is called part 1.) The campus is well-lit at night, and the lighting makes for some interesting shadows and effects.

After seeing how good the first ones turned out in black and white, I decided that all of them would have to be. I prefer black and white photography anyway.

I explored the campus and walked until my feet hurt. I took lots of photos that night — these are the ones that survived the cut.

(You should be able to click or tap to see larger photos.)

Post and photos by Jason S. Sullivan, 01-28-21

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