Where The Tigers Roamed Free: Growing Up in Mansfield, Texas

In 2020, Mansfield, Texas, celebrated the 130th anniversary of the city’s incorporation. As COVID-19 postponed or canceled many of the festivities, the celebration continued into 2021. The Mansfield Historic Landmark Commission, Mansfield Public Library, and Mansfield Historical Museum and Heritage Center collaborated to sponsor “This Is Us.” It’s a community project seeking stories from former and current residents. The project is a reminder that historic preservation goes beyond places and events — it also involves everyday people and their stories.

Technology in Cemeteries?

Will technology ever be evident in cemeteries? I think it will. QR Codes, or “Quick Response Codes,” are a type of barcode that you scan with your smartphone. These could be added at the cemetery or on individual headstones. As much as I generally detest technology, I think it’s a good idea.