Arlington, Texas

I was born in Arlington, Texas, but grew up in the neighboring town of Mansfield. After living in Mansfield for 24 years, I moved to Arlington about 13 years ago. I’ve finally started to explore the city. I enjoy writing about my discoveries.

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North Texas Giving Day (09-16-20)
Donating, volunteering, and helping others in need can be such a rewarding experience. This year, North Texas Giving Day is September 17. It’s an annual event designated to give back to the local nonprofit organizations in the community. It’s kind of a big deal. In 2019, donations exceeded $50,000,000!

Arlington: More than the Big Four (08-26-20)
Arlington is more than the Big Four in our Entertainment District. They’re popular, and icons of our skyline, but there’s more to Arlington than that. It’s some of the lesser-known things in this city that gives it charm and personality. The Big Four aren’t really for me. So what do I like about Arlington then? Let’s find out.

World Photography Day – photos of Arlington (08-19-20)
It appears that today is World Photography Day. It’s a perfect opportunity to share some photos that I’ve taken around Arlington.

Arlington: The Entertainment Capital of Texas (08-19-20)
Arlington is mostly known for the Big Four in its Entertainment District. While it doesn’t show the whole picture of Arlington, it’s a decent introduction.

Introduction to “Local Unknown” blog series (08-12-20)
Local Unknown is my new blog series exploring my hometown of Arlington, Texas and the local area. It focuses on local history, oddities, arts, and culture.