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I was born in Arlington, Texas, but grew up in the neighboring town of Mansfield. After living in Mansfield for 24 years, I moved to Arlington about 14 years ago. I’ve finally started to explore the city and write about my discoveries. Arlington is my hometown, and I’m proud to live here.

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My Favorite Photos from March 2021 (04-15-21)
Spring is a fantastic time to get outside and explore. I took many photos in March — which was a lot of fun — yet it took longer than usual to pick out the Top 10. April may be half over, but let’s go back and revisit March.

The History of Beer and Brewing in North Texas (04-07-21)
Today is National Beer Day in the U.S. What better way to celebrate than by looking at the history of beer and brewing in North Texas.

National Medal of Honor Day and Colonel Neel E. Kearby (03-25-21)
March 25 is National Medal of Honor Day. It’s a special day to honor our heroes. It’s also a perfect opportunity to highlight Arlington’s Colonel Neel E. Kearby, and the future National Medal of Honor Museum.

Legal Draft Brewing Co. – Blue Law (blueberry wheat ale) (03-24-21)
Legal Draft’s current seasonal beer, Blue Law, is an American-style wheat ale with blueberry. Let’s check it out.

River Legacy Park: Arlington’s nature escape (03-19-21)
Arlington has more than 80 parks. They range from pocket parks, community parks, and city parks, depending on the size and amenities. Then there’s River Legacy Park. Not only is it the largest park in the city, but it’s also one of my favorite places to visit in the city.

My Favorite Photos from February 2021 (03-09-21)
February was a challenge to get outside and take photos. It’s a short month, and I lost a week due to the wild winter weather we had. But, despite the setbacks, I managed to get out and take a few photos. I liked the simple, everyday feel of these photos. There’s nothing fancy here, and I kept the editing to a minimum. Here are my top 10 from February.

UTA campus: black and white photos – part 2 (03-04-21)
About a month ago, I explored the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) campus. It’s a fun place to explore and take photos, especially right before and after dark. I love the buildings and architecture there. I returned recently and explored the east side of the campus. Here are some of my favorites from that night!

Wimbledon Park (02-23-21)
Wimbledon Park is a neighborhood park in South Arlington that is ideal for families, small groups, or individuals. At about 15 acres, it’s not too big and not too small. It’s a pleasant place for a quiet walk.

A week of wild winter weather in Texas (02-20-21)
It’s been a challenging week in Texas, filled with snow, ice, record-low temperatures, power outages, abundance, scarcity, and uncertainty. The worst of it is over, but we’re far from back to normal. Texas doesn’t usually get weather like this — it seems to happen every 5 years or so — but this time was different.

Campo Verde: fun Tex-Mex food in Arlington since 1983 (02-19-21)
One of my favorite local restaurants is Campo Verde. It’s somewhere between a dive bar and Tex-Mex diner. A local icon — and only a few months younger than me — it’s a fun place for Tex-Mex food. Let’s check it out.

Al’s Hamburgers: an Arlington icon since 1957 (02-15-21)
Al’s Hamburgers opened in 1957. It’s an Arlington icon. With a menu that likely hasn’t changed much over the years, this old-school, family-owned restaurant serves up classic burgers in a surprisingly modern setting. My wife and I recently made our first trip there and will be going back soon. Let’s check out Al’s Hamburgers.

Candlelite Inn restaurant: an Arlington icon since 1957 (02-12-21)
One of the oldest restaurants in Arlington is the Candlelite Inn. It opened in 1957 with a simple menu — tacos, pizza, beer, and soft drinks. Today, the restaurant is known for its eclectic menu and ambiance from a by-gone era. My wife and I recently made our first visit to the Candlelite Inn. Spoiler alert: We loved it and will definitely be going back! Let’s check it out.

My Favorite Photos from January 2021 (02-09-21)
It may be winter, but luckily it hasn’t been too cold to explore and take photos. Here are my ten favorite Arlington photos from January.

Super Bowl XLV in Arlington, Texas – February 6, 2011 (02-05-21)
Back in 2011, Arlington was thrust into the sports spotlight when we hosted Super Bowl XLV. It’s been ten years since the Super Bowl party came to Arlington. Let’s look back at one of the largest events to ever grace our humble little town.

Arlington Sculpture Garden (01-28-21)
Arlington Sculpture Garden features seven works of art. The artwork is lit at night, which allows an entirely different viewing experience from the daytime. Although not my first time here, it was my first time to see the sculptures at night.

UTA campus: black and white photos – part 1 (01-28-21)
On Monday evening, I explored the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) campus. I like taking photos of architecture and buildings, and I knew UTA had plenty of both. I explored the campus and walked until my feet hurt. I took lots of photos that night — these are the ones that survived the cut.

K9 Memorial in Downtown Arlington (01-24-21)
Arlington has a growing number of monuments, markers, plaques, and public art. Many of these pay tribute to people who have made a difference in the city. A new monument downtown, though, pays tribute to the city’s service dogs in our police and fire departments.

Downtown Arlington Library (01-23-21)
The Arlington Public Library system consists of seven branches scattered throughout the city. The highlight is the downtown branch, named after George W. Hawkes. The three-story library is located in the heart of Arlington and in City Center Plaza. It offers approximately 200,000 print and electronic items. Each floor has distinctive features and amenities. Let’s visit the Downtown Arlington library.

In memory of Amber Hagerman (01-15-21)
Amber Hagerman and her younger brother were riding their bikes in Arlington. A man in a black pickup truck approached. He grabbed her from the bike, put her into his truck, and drove away. What started as a kidnapping investigation turned into a search for a murderer. Amber’s body was found a few days later in a nearby creek bed. She was nine years old.

Pantego and Dalworthington Gardens (01-12-21)
There are two smaller communities surrounded by the City of Arlington. Combined, they are less than three square miles with a population of roughly 5,000 people. While similar in size, each has a much different history. Let’s visit Pantego and Dalworthington Gardens.

Arlington’s Sister City – Bad Königshofen, Germany (01-09-21)
Since 1951, Arlington, Texas and Bad Königshofen, Germany have had a relationship. What began as an act of kindness turned into a friendship that still exists 70 years later. The cities are about 5,000 miles apart with many contrasts. But their friendship is a testament to kindness.

My favorite 2020 photos of Arlington, Texas (01-08-21)
Check out some of my favorite 2020 photos of Arlington. While it doesn’t tell the whole story, it gives a glimpse of the city’s personality. From local landmarks and history to quirky and fun, there’s a bit of everything.

Legal Draft Brewing Co. – Legal Grounds (Coffee Lager) (01-02-21)
Legal Draft Brewing Co. in Arlington is my favorite brewery in the area. They released a new seasonal beer in December. Introducing Legal Grounds — a coffee beer collaboration with nearby Salter Bros. Coffee Roasters. Let’s check it out.

12 Ways to Celebrate Christmas in Arlington (12-12-20)
Christmas may look and feel different this year, but there are still plenty of ways to get in the holiday spirit. Here are twelve ways to celebrate Christmas in Arlington.

Rehoboth Cemetery (12-11-20)
Located in south Arlington at Cooper Street and Harris Road is the Rehoboth Cemetery. The cemetery is 2.5 acres and has over 500 graves. Many of the older headstones are no longer legible. There is a Texas Historical Marker near the entrance, which gives an overview of the cemetery.

Dimebag Darrell: Texas Guitar Hero (12-08-20)
It was sixteen years ago that we lost a music icon and local legend. Darrell Lance Abbott, better known as Dimebag Darrell, grew up in Arlington, Texas. He’s best remembered as the guitarist for the metal band Pantera. Other notable projects include the bands Damageplan and Rebel Meets Rebel. His life was tragically cut short on December 8, 2004, at age 38.

Small Brewery Sunday & Legal Draft Brewing Co. (11-29-20)
The Saturday after Black Friday is typically Small Business Saturday. In that same spirit comes the second annual Small Brewery Sunday. This year it’s Sunday, November 29. One of my favorite small breweries is Legal Draft Brewing Co. in Arlington.

North Texas Giving Day (09-16-20)
Donating, volunteering, and helping others in need can be such a rewarding experience. This year, North Texas Giving Day is September 17. It’s an annual event designated to give back to the local nonprofit organizations in the community. It’s kind of a big deal. In 2019, donations exceeded $50,000,000!

Arlington: More than the Big Four (08-26-20)
Arlington is more than the Big Four in our Entertainment District. They’re popular, and icons of our skyline, but there’s more to Arlington than that. It’s some of the lesser-known things in this city that gives it charm and personality. The Big Four aren’t really for me. So what do I like about Arlington then? Let’s find out.

Arlington: The Entertainment Capital of Texas (08-19-20)
Arlington is mostly known for the Big Four in its Entertainment District. While it doesn’t show the whole picture of Arlington, it’s a decent introduction.

Introduction to “Local Unknown” blog series (08-12-20)
Local Unknown is my new blog series exploring my hometown of Arlington, Texas and the local area. It focuses on local history, oddities, arts, and culture.