Division Brewing – Ben Stout

Division Brewing’s Ben Stout is a perfect beer for the patio and mid-February weather in North Texas

Division Brewing in Downtown Arlington currently has four stouts available, including two imperial stouts, an oatmeal stout, and a casked version. I’ve tried two so far, but my current favorite is the “Ben Stout”—a hearty 7.2% oatmeal stout made with Cascade hops. It’s $6.50 for a 16-ounce pour, which is a fair price for the quality. Ben Stout is smooth and rich. It’s well-balanced, not too sweet or not too bitter. It has subtle chocolate and coffee flavors in its taste and aroma. The beer pours darker than a cave at midnight and has a fluffy, tan-colored head. It’s traditional, sippable, flavorful, enjoyable, and one of the best local stouts I’ve ever had.

It was a perfect beer for their patio and the mid-February weather in North Texas—chilly in the shade but warmer in the sunshine. Stouts pair well with colder weather, and this one was no exception. Smoke & Scratch BBQ, which I believe is a local, one-man pop-up shop, was smoking meat on the patio, getting ready for Saturday afternoon. He is often at Division Brewing selling brisket, ribs, and sides. The aroma from the smoker filled the patio with the intoxicating lure of smoked meat. (Stouts also pair well with barbeque, so Ben Stout would be a suitable beer choice for the food.)

(Division Brewing’s Ben Stout on the patio and info sheet)

Blog post and photos by Jason S. Sullivan, 02-20-23

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