Texas Historical Marker – Tate Cemetery

Arlington has dozens of Texas Historical Markers, Local Landmarks, and other historic plaques.

Tate Cemetery

Location: 4200 W. Pleasant Ridge Road (approximate)

Tate Cemetery – Texas Historical Marker

Marker Text – “Evan Calloway Tate (1832-1885) brought his family to this area from Georgia in 1870, establishing the Tate Springs community. Land for this cemetery was deeded to the community by Tate heirs in 1894. At that time there were four marked burials, those of E. C. Tate and three of his children. Other members of the Tate family and the Tate Springs community were later interred here. Many of the graves are unmarked. Care of the cemetery was entrusted in later years to family members of those buried here. A fence and entry arch were erected in 1965.” (1986)

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