Texas Historical Marker – Dalworthington Gardens

Arlington has dozens of Texas Historical Markers, Local Landmarks, and other historic plaques.

Dalworthington Gardens

Location: 2600 Roosevelt Drive (in Dalworthington Gardens at Gardens Park)

Dalworthington Gardens – Texas Historical Marker

Marker Text – “The city of Dalworthington Gardens began as a result of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Depression-era policies. Roosevelt supported the “back-to-the-land” movement, encouraging urban workers to live on and cultivate rural property. Roosevelt signed the National Industrial Recovery Act into law in 1933; it authorized the establishment of a subsistence homestead program. While visiting the Arlington area, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt saw this area as a possible site for the Homestead Project.

In December 1933, a corporation was formed for a state charter and titled Dalworthington Gardens, Inc. (combining the names of nearby Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington). Early the next year, the Federal Government bought property south of Arkansas Lane near Arlington. By June, Civil Works Administration workers arrived to clear the area for 80 development sites. Only people from the Dallas or Fort Worth areas would qualify to live in Dalworthington Gardens.

By May 1935, most of the construction was complete. However, applicants that moved into the homes had to deal with many issues, including lack of gas, faulty water and sewage piping, and unfenced property. Residents, however, worked together to build a tight-knit community. They soon established a community house that became a center of activity. In 1949, residents petitioned to have the colony incorporated into a town. Today, though surrounded by Arlington and Pantego in the thriving Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Dalworthington Gardens remains the only subsistence homestead project existing as an autonomous community in Texas.” (2010)

For more about Dalworthington Gardens, check out my blog post!

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