North Texas Giving Day – 2021

Today is North Texas Giving Day! This annual event is a major fundraiser for more than 3,000 nonprofit organizations in North Texas. Since its inception in 2009, donations have increased every year. The organization helped raise $4 million for 345 nonprofits in the first year. That’s impressive, but realize this: in 2020, donations topped $58 million for more than 3,200 nonprofits! In 12 years, North Texas Giving Day has helped raise more than $375 million, as the event brings unrivaled awareness and support. What started as an idea is now a movement.

North Texas Giving Day – 2021 Logo
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This year, I donated to the Arlington Historical Society. Rather than split my donation amongst several groups, I chose one that meant the most to me. I’ve enjoyed volunteering at our Fielder House Museum, helping with the newsletter, and serving on our board. Local history is important (and exciting!) to me and has become one of my passions. Check out our North Texas Giving Day page. From here, you can donate, sign up to volunteer, or simply learn more about us. You can also see how much money we’ve raised so far. Spoiler alert: it’s way more than I thought it would be!

The North Texas Giving Day website also shows a real-time dashboard of who has raised the most funds. Not surprisingly, the North Texas Food Bank is currently in the lead with more than $1.2 million raised. They’re certainly a well-known and highly noticeable organization in the community. They’re also a tremendous resource — they distribute more than 340,000 meals each day to hungry North Texans.

Yet, not every organization has the size, reach, resources, or reputation of the NTFB. More than 150 organizations haven’t received a single donation yet, and many others only received a small amount. Fighting hunger is, of course, an important and worthwhile cause — no one should have to go hungry or face food insecurity. But, don’t forget the smaller nonprofits in your community — the ones that don’t get as much exposure. Those are the ones that often struggle to survive, yet in their own way, can provide just as much benefit to others as the large food banks.

I imagine this year will be one of the biggest yet for North Texas Giving Day — if not the biggest — although last year’s record of $58.8 million may be hard to beat. Still, with more than $47 million raised from 192,000 donations so far, it’s indeed a special day for North Texas and our nonprofit organizations. It’s a testament to the power of people helping people.

North Texas Giving Day | #BeTheGood

Arlington Historical Society

Post by Jason S. Sullivan, 09-23-21

09-24-21 update:

  • 287,947 donations
  • 3,369 organizations
  • $66.6 million raised
  • Leader – North Texas Food Bank ($1.6 million)

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