Legal Draft Brewing Co. – Watermark’d (Salted Watermelon Gose)

Legal Draft Brewing Co.
Arlington, Texas


Legal Draft’s current seasonal beer is called “Watermark’d.” Legal Draft describes it as a “Gose-style ale with watermelon and sea salt. Treat your taste buds with a balance of sweet, tart, and salty on a warm summer day.”

What’s a Gose, you ask?

Good question. I’m not too familiar with this style. I wasn’t sure how to pronounce it either. says it’s pronounced “go-suh,” while another website says it’s “goes-uh.” So it’s not “go-see” like I thought.

Gose beers are often pale-colored, lower in alcohol, and easy on the hops. The taste is usually salty and sour, two characteristics that you may not immediately associate with beer. The style originated in Germany and is said to be over 1,000 years old. Gose is enjoying something of a resurgence as an alternative to hoppy and heavy IPAs.

My review

I was skeptical on this one. Watermelon in a beer? I’ve been buying a six-pack of their seasonal beers, but I started with a single can for this one.

The color has a pinkish/reddish hue, especially when held up to the light. The watermelon flavor is present in the aroma and taste, but it’s subtle. This beer is incredibly balanced. The tart, sweet, and salty profiles are all there, yet none overpowers the others. There’s a time and place for this one. In our hot North Texas summers, a cold can of this beer would be refreshing. I could see non-beer drinkers liking this, too. It tastes more like a watermelon-flavored mixed drink than a beer.

Legal Draft Brewing Co. – Watermark’d

This is a unique beer. I don’t know if I would have it again, but I had no regrets about trying it. I have little to compare it to, though, as I’ve only had a handful from this style and not many recently.

Legal Draft Brewing Co. – Arlington, Texas

Legal Draft opened its doors in 2016. Co-founded by a former attorney, the brewery has a legal theme with its beers. They currently have seven beers in their year-round canned lineup, with another six seasonal releases. Other special releases are only available in the taproom, and there’s even a non-alcoholic root beer.

Legal Draft Beer Co.

Legal Draft Seasonal Line-up, 2021:

Blog and photos by Jason S. Sullivan, 06-15-21

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