My Favorite Photos from April 2021

I took lots of photos this month! April is one of those sweet spots in North Texas. The weather is usually pleasant enough to get outside and explore. Summer will be here soon, though, and the weather gets hot, humid, and sticky.

This month, I took photos in Aurora and Rhome, which were fun places to visit. Then, later in the month, we went on a road trip along the old Bankhead Highway from Arlington to Abilene. I’ve got tons of photos from the trip that I’m still working on, but those might have to wait. I have a lot of projects going on in May.

Here are my favorite photos from April.

Chevy Bel Air – Arlington, Texas

This car is at the Vandergriff Town Center in Downtown Arlington. It’s a cool baby blue color in person, but I gave it some edge. The clouds were bold that day.

Chevy Bel Air at Vandergriff Town Center – Arlington, Texas

Shiner Bock neon beer sign – Arlington, Texas

This was for sale at the Cooper Street Antique Mall but out of my price range. Where would I put it anyway? The editing turned out good. It looks like it’s in a dark honkytonk bar instead of a bright antique mall.

Shiner Bock neon beer sign

Post Office boxes – Arlington, Texas

Also for sale in the Cooper Street Antique Mall were these Post Office boxes. Pretty cool looking!

Post Office boxes – Cooper Street Antique Mall

Newspaper vending machines – Arlington, Texas

These “relics” are behind Arlington City Hall. I’ve been there twice recently, and both times they were all empty. I don’t know if they still get used or not. I liked the over-saturated colors on this — it feels like Miami in the 1980s or something.

Newspaper vending machines – Arlington City Hall

First United Methodist Church – Fort Worth, Texas

This church is a Gothic Revival building, inspired by the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. I took this photo in broad daylight with a bright blue sky, but it didn’t feel right. It needs to be in black and white.

First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth

Bankhead Hotel & Apts. – Strawn, Texas

This was from our trip on the old Bankhead Highway. The building looks decent from the outside. We peeked through the windows — you wouldn’t believe what’s on the inside: more than 20 old cars, piles of trash, debris, and just general decay.

Bankhead Hotel & Apts – Strawn, Texas

Payphone – Rhome, Texas

You don’t see too many payphones anymore. It was standing there, all alone, knowing it would never be relevant again.

Payphone – Rhome, Texas

Greetings from outer space – Aurora, Texas

Aurora is mainly known for the site of a spaceship crash in 1897. The townspeople buried the pilot in the local cemetery. Allegedly, of course. Fact or folklore, it’s a fantastic story, and I love it. No, I’m not making this up — and yes, we drove out to Aurora to see the gravesite and historical marker. I’ll do a blog post about Aurora soon with more info. 

This is the scene that greets visitors along the main road. I was going for an unworldly look on this one. Alas, it wasn’t quite how I imagined it, but I had to move on.

Greetings from Aurora, Texas

Car graveyard – Aurora, Texas

There were several old cars in this backyard. The cars were in rough shape but had some beautiful patina and rust.

Car graveyard – Aurora, Texas

Rusty mailbox and old house – Aurora, Texas

I always save my favorite for last. This was an idyllic rural scene in Aurora. A rusty mailbox amid flowers, an old house, a dirt driveway, and only a few clouds in the sky. A lazy Saturday evening — it felt carefree and comfortable. I imagine grandma was inside fixin’ supper, with grandpa napping in his recliner dreaming about the old days. Who knows?

Rural scene – Aurora, Texas

And that was April. About this time last year, I stopped taking as many photos because it started to get hot. Hopefully, this year I can survive the heat, get out, and explore!

Post and photos by Jason S. Sullivan, 05-02-21

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