Legal Draft Brewing Co. – Blue Law (Blueberry Wheat Ale)

Legal Draft Brewing Co. is doing its seasonal releases a little differently this year. They plan to release six seasonal beers, with a different one every two months. Legal Holiday, the winter release in November and December, is a popular one from years past. The other five are new or variations of other beers that they have done. Their website is updated with the schedule, and it looks to be a tasty lineup filled with unique brews.

In January and February, they released “Legal Grounds.” It was a coffee lager and a collaboration with their neighbors at Salter Bros. Coffee Roasters. I liked that beer and thought they did a fantastic job with it.

Legal Draft – Legal Grounds

For March and April, they released “Blue Law” — a blueberry wheat ale. I believe this is a new beer for them. Let’s check it out.

Wheat beer

The main ingredients in beer are grain, hops, yeast, and water. From there, brewers add other ingredients to create the taste and profile of their beer. While fruit is common in some styles of beer, blueberries are a bold and gutsy choice. You don’t see many blueberry-infused beers.

Wheat beers are popular for warmer months as they tend to be light and refreshing. They’re also approachable and versatile. Although American-style wheat ales and the German hefeweizens both contain wheat, the two styles are different. American-style wheat ales tend to be hoppier, while hefeweizens have a banana or clove flavor.

Blue Law – the beer

Legal Draft sets it up for us: Blue Law is a “refreshing American-style wheat ale with blueberry for an amusing twist of aroma and flavor.”

Legal Draft’s Blue Law pours a cloudy orange color. Thankfully, the beer isn’t blue — that would have been too weird for me.

There is a subtle aroma of blueberries. True to the style, it has a smooth, crisp, and refreshing taste. It’s perfect for the warmer days of spring and has a little more “oomph” than a traditional wheat beer. It must be the blueberries.

Overall, this is a solid beer from Legal Draft. The flavors complement each other well. It’s a refreshing beer, and the blueberries give it something extra without being too much of a novelty. I liked their Coffee Lager beer slightly better than this one, but they’re both an excellent addition to the Legal Draft lineup. Blue Law is a seasonal release, so check it out while you can.

Blue Laws – the laws

The names of Legal Draft’s beers are tied to legal terms. I had to get some help on “blue laws” to explain it.

“Texas is one of the few remaining states with “blue laws,” limiting the sale of certain goods on certain days of the week. Most blue laws were repealed in 1985, with two exceptions — liquor stores and car dealerships.” (Car dealerships have to be closed on either Saturday or Sunday.) “While restaurants, bars, and grocery and convenience stores can all sell alcohol on Sundays, liquor stores cannot. Under current law, Texas liquor stores cannot operate on Sundays and can only remain open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.” 


Legal Draft Brewing Co.

Legal Draft opened its doors in 2016. Co-founded by a former attorney, Legal Draft has a legal theme with their brews.

Legal Draft currently has seven beers in its year-round canned lineup, with another six seasonal releases. Other special releases are only available in the taproom, and there’s even a non-alcoholic root beer.

Their brewery and taproom anchor Downtown Arlington’s Urban Union district. While COVID-19 has changed the experience a bit, the brewery is still a fun place to visit.

Legal Draft Beer Co.

Support your small businesses and local breweries!

Post & photos by Jason S. Sullivan, 03-24-21

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