My Favorite Photos from February 2021

February was a challenge to get outside and take photos. It’s a short month, and I lost a week due to the wild winter weather we had. But, despite the setbacks, I managed to get out and take a few photos.

I liked the simple, everyday feel of these photos. There’s nothing fancy here, and I kept the editing to a minimum.

Here are my top 10 from February.

Harold Patterson Sports Center – sign, soccer fields, and kids playing baseball in the snow

These three show the remnants of the snowstorm. I liked the little stream of snow juxtaposed to the plants and grass. As you peer through the fence, there’s still some snow on the soccer fields.

Adjacent to the sports complex is a shopping center. Behind the shopping center is a large open area. Some kids are playing baseball in the snow. They’re actually statues, but the lighting almost makes them look real. The sunlight provided some nice shadows, too.

Harold Patterson Sports Complex
Soccer fields at Harold Patterson Sports Complex
Kids playing baseball in the snow

Cooper Street

I’ve traveled more miles on Cooper Street than probably any other street in the world. That’s a strange realization. I’ve photographed a few signs like this, and I like the way they turn out.

Cooper Street

Cityscape / First Baptist Church

This building is part of the First Baptist Church in Arlington. I like the repetitiveness of the windows and the empty street city.

Cityscape / First Baptist Church

Gateway Tower at UTA

I’ve been to UTA a couple of times recently to explore and take photos. The Gateway Tower at Cooper Street and UTA Blvd. is a familiar landmark in Arlington.


Bricks in the Wall

The bricks and windows give this downtown wall some personality.

Bricks in the Wall

Downtown Arlington

Welcome to Downtown Arlington!

Downtown Arlington

City Tower

I liked the tiered shape of this building, especially in black and white against the cloudy sky.

City Tower

Al’s Hamburgers

Last but not least, Al’s Hamburgers. The floor-to-ceiling windows, along with the repetitiveness of the lights and patio fence, provide some fun details.

Al’s Hamburgers

And that is February. With March comes warmer weather and longer days. I plan to get out as much as I can this month and explore!

Post and photos by Jason S. Sullivan, 03-09-21

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