Wimbledon Park

When I first started walking in parks, Wimbledon Park was one of the first ones I visited. It’s the closest park to my house. I’ve since branched out to other parks in Arlington because there are dozens to choose from. But, it’s a nice park, and I enjoy coming here. It has few amenities, yet the simplicity and location make it hard to beat. As it starts to stay dark later, I can make it there after work for an evening walk.

Wimbledon Park is a neighborhood park that is ideal for families, small groups, or individuals. At about 15 acres, it’s not too big and not too small. It’s a pleasant place for a quiet walk.

Wimbledon Park

The south side of the park hits Green Oaks Boulevard, a well-traveled road that runs east and west. The north side of the park hits Wimbledon Drive. Wimbledon is a residential street that has unique and well-kept houses throughout its neighborhood. It’s a nice slice of middle-class Americana. It’s the southernmost street of an extensive residential neighborhood area that stretches for a few miles.

The fairly-constant car traffic of Green Oaks juxtaposes the slower neighborhood vibe on Wimbledon. Near the park are a couple of churches, a fire station, and a branch of the Arlington Public Library. From inside the park, there aren’t any businesses in sight. This makes it a quick escape from the distractions of the city. It feels safe and comforting like your own backyard, likely because there are so many homes near the park. It’s clean, well-kept, and enjoyable.

The park features a six-foot, paved walking trail that offers some variation. Parts of the looped trail have a gentle rise or slope. It doesn’t look like much, but the difference is enough to provide a satisfying workout. There are gravel portions for a different feel. The walking trail takes about 8 minutes to walk. I can walk there for 30-45 minutes or more and not get bored with it.

Inside the walking trail are two playgrounds and spacious grassy areas. The grassy areas are typically used for informal sports practice, playing catch, frisbee, or flying a kite. Outside and inside the walking trail are fitness areas for stretching, calisthenics, and other exercises. There are grills available to use, picnic tables, and benches to take a break or enjoy the scenery. There are some trees for shade, but the park feels open and spacious.

Other parks in the city are larger or offer more unique amenities. But there’s something about a neighborhood park so close to home. Wimbledon Park in South Arlington is a terrific place to get outside and enjoy the simple things in life.

Wimbledon Park
2300 Wimbledon Drive
Arlington, TX 76017

Post and photos by Jason S. Sullivan, 02-23-21

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