Legal Draft Brewing Co. – Legal Grounds (Coffee Lager)

I like it when small, local businesses collaborate. I try to support these businesses whenever possible. 

Legal Draft Brewing Co. in Arlington is my favorite brewery in the area. They released a new seasonal beer in December. Introducing Legal Grounds — a coffee beer collaboration with nearby Salter Bros. Coffee Roasters. 

Let’s check it out.

Legal GroundsCoffee Lager

Legal Draft sets it up for us: 
“We partnered with our friends at Salter Bros. Coffee Roasters here in Arlington to create this unique golden coffee lager. A rich aroma of your morning coffee complimented with lactose for a creamy mouthfeel and clean lager finish.” (

Legal Grounds pours a golden orange color, which isn’t the norm for coffee beers. (Most coffee beers are stouts or porters and much darker in color.) The aroma of fresh coffee is definitely there, along with hints of chocolate and maybe even butterscotch. The taste reminds me of a cold-brewed coffee. It’s refreshing, slightly carbonated, creamy, and smooth. Many coffee beers can be heavy or syrupy, but Legal Grounds is a pleasant surprise. Not too sweet or overpowering, this beer would be nice to enjoy on the patio with mild North Texas weather. (It reached 70 degrees recently in Arlington — yes, in late December — and this beer would have complimented the weather nicely.)

Overall, this is a very decent addition to the Legal Draft lineup. It’s unique and nicely done. I plan to pick up a couple more six-packs and enjoy this new beer. It’s a seasonal release, so get it while you can. Maybe it will graduate to one of their core beers available year-round. 

I like the can artwork on this one, too. It’s dark brown and looks to resemble a burlap sack used for coffee beans. I believe this is the first release from Legal Draft to use their circular logo. Also on the can are a description, stats, and Legal Draft’s “Beeranda Rights.” They’re fun additions that make the can part of the whole experience.

Legal Draft Brewing Co.

Legal Draft Brewing Co. is one of two craft breweries in Arlington, Texas. Established in 2016, they offer seven beers available year-round. They also offer ten seasonal / limited releases, with many more beers only available at their taproom. Their taproom and brewery are a vibrant part of the growing Urban Union district in Downtown Arlington.

Salter Bros. Coffee Roasters

I haven’t been to Salter Bros. Coffee Roasters yet, but a trip must be taken soon. It’s a coffeehouse and roastery in the Urban Union district. Their coffeehouse has a full coffee and espresso bar, with a few snacks and baked goods available.

Salter Bros. explains:
We roast and serve only specialty coffee. Our coffee is carefully sourced, grown, and harvested from premium growing regions. It earns a high score by international professional coffee graders and is properly roasted and brewed. You can taste the difference, from crop to cup.

Blog and photos by Jason S. Sullivan, 01-02-2021

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