Street Survivors

Just another Tuesday night
Looking for you to start a fight
Smoke, drink, and lots of pills
Hungry for all the cheap thrills

Let’s go on down to the south side
It’s a familiar place to run and hide
This ol’ boy is ready to cut loose
With more of that poisoned juice

These fists have seen some smoke
I ain’t kiddin’, and this ain’t no joke
Gimme back those bullets you stole
Stare back into these eyes of coal

I already warned you
Of what I would do
Don’t act surprised, doll
Only the standing can fall

This bird just aches to be free
Now what do you think of me
In the shadows it comes in view
You only do what you can do

Another night wasted in the street
We’re all strangers until we meet
Let’s end it with one last bash
Some of us won’t survive the crash.

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 12-01-20

I recently watched a documentary about the band Lynyrd Skynyrd. This poem is based on the band and some of the stories referenced in the documentary. The songs “Tuesday’s Gone,” “Gimme Back My Bullets,” “That Smell,” “Saturday Night Special,” and “Free Bird” inspired this poem. The poem also references the fateful plane crash in October 1977.

The poem’s title is from their 1977 album “Street Survivors.” I couldn’t think of a better title for the poem. It fit perfectly.

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