Small Brewery Sunday and Legal Draft Brewing Co.

The Saturday after Black Friday is typically Small Business Saturday. In that same spirit comes the second annual Small Brewery Sunday. This year it’s Sunday, November 29.

Small breweries, often called craft breweries, already face tough competition. The competition comes from the big boys, as well as other breweries in the area. Craft breweries often support each other, but they’re all small businesses trying to get by. Laws, restrictions, operating costs, logistics, and shifting trends also add to the challenges.

Last year, Small Brewery Sunday looked different. Craft beer was thriving, and new breweries were popping up all over the area. 

This year, it’s a much different atmosphere. Some breweries have already had to end the dream. Others won’t make it. The ones still alive are hanging in there, but it isn’t easy. 

COVID-19 hit small businesses hard. Craft breweries were no exception. Despite the challenges — or maybe because of them — Small Brewery Sunday is a great way to show your local brewery some love. Grab a pint at the brewery, pick up a six-pack at the store, or buy some merch online. Even with COVID-19, there are still ways to safely support your local breweries this year.

Craft breweries are often integral parts of their local communities. More than just selling beer, they provide jobs and social gatherings. They frequently partner with local artists and other small businesses. Small breweries are known for having hard-working folks following a dream, passion, or hobby.

Support your local craft brewery — on November 29 and whenever you can! 

Check out to learn more about Small Brewery Sunday and to find a brewery near you!

Legal Draft Brewing Co.

One of my favorite local breweries happens to be in Arlington. Legal Draft Brewing Co. opened its doors in 2016. Co-founded by a former attorney, Legal Draft has a legal theme with their brews. With beer names like Hung Jury Hefeweizen and Presumed Innocent IPA — two of my favorites — the theme works well with their branding. 

Legal Draft has eight beers in its year-round lineup, with another nine that are seasonal releases. Other special releases are only available in the taproom, and there’s even a non-alcoholic root beer. Legal Draft has something for everyone.

Their taproom is a welcome addition to Downtown Arlington. While COVID-19 has changed the experience a bit, it’s still a fun place to visit. Breweries in Texas can now sell beer-to-go, so you can take home cans or growlers of their beer. No, that wasn’t always available in Texas. There were some antiquated alcohol laws, indeed!

Check out three of my current favorites from Legal Draft.

Legal Draft – Presumed Innocent IPA

Piney, woodsy, and with a bite of citrus — this is one of my favorites from Legal Draft. Darker in color than most IPAs, and not overly hoppy or bitter, it’s hazy with hints of biscuits in the nose. At 7.2% alcohol, maybe it’s not sessionable. But, it’s smooth, balanced, and approachable. It pours a pleasant copper hue and is topped with a soft, pillowy head. It would be a fine addition to a lazy afternoon of playing dominoes on the patio or a round of horseshoes in the backyard. 

Legal Draft – Bock Trial

This beer pours a beautiful, dark copper color, with a khaki-colored head. The two colors look great together and make an attractive beer. As for the taste, it’s rich, malty, smooth, and drinkable. Plenty of flavor and the 7.0% ABV is hidden very well. Pair this one with bratwurst or schnitzel for a quick trip to Germany. 

Legal Draft – Chief Justice Stout

This beer pours a dark black color and has a pleasant aroma. The taste has faint notes of chocolate and coffee. Well-balanced, smooth, and enjoyable — this is a pretty decent stout!

Post and photos by Jason S. Sullivan, 11-29-20

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