All in your head

Thoughts lost inside your dark mind
Hard to remember, impossible to find
When your fears are hidden too well
Maybe your sins will save you from hell

The truth is going to disappoint and hurt
Pain and suffering have made you alert
Your lungs are poisoned by the fresh air
One more breath and your chest will tear

Insanity keeps rotting at your brain
Feelings of love are your only pain
There’s no desire to keep going on
Watch as the sun sets today at dawn

Drowning in tears you never cried
Immortal like those who have died
Thoughts repressed by neglect
Invisible — but what did you expect?

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 11-13-20

2 thoughts on “All in your head

  1. I had some initial stumbles reading it aloud, but once I started tapping out the four beat structure it got easier, there are still some odd spots. The AABB rhyme scheme works well, but in my accent “on” and “dawn” don’t rhyme 🙂 near enough.

    This is clearly a deep personal subject for you, I’m sorry for that, but still you pulled your punch and cleverly avoided clarity. I know that would have been more painful, but also maybe more therapeutic. I enjoyed it, thank you.

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    1. I wrote most of my poems this year, but some are older ones I’m trying to rework and post. You found an old poem that I wrote when I was much younger.

      I can’t say that I remember what this one was about or why I wrote it. And yes, “on” and “dawn” probably isn’t the cleanest rhyme in the history of poetry!

      Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks!


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