Into the night

Into the night I hear the sound
Of all the false truths I have found
Stars and moon, high in the skies
Are the only light found in my eyes

Through the nighttime trees I creep
Wondering if I’m going in too deep
Keep going — unable to turn around
Dusty boots glide over the ground

Unfamiliar thoughts in this place
Continue to walk at a slower pace
Further into the trees my path goes
Where it finally stops, no one knows

Air is getting colder
Starting to feel older
Nighttime gets bolder
Weighs on my shoulder

Hear a strange noise to my right
Turn around, nothing is in sight
Utter a curse as I go about my way
“I’m not alone,” I hear myself say

Always was afraid of the night
Because darkness dims the light
Can’t keep going or stand still
Let the pure wind carry my will

Into the night I will roam
Further away from home
Slowly around the bend
Lies another rip to mend.

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 11-10-20

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