The Battle of Green Hill

Tragedians — lend me your ears
Hear the drum and fife serenade
Warriors marching into battle
Engage in rules of primitive combat

Harrowing wind cries
Rocky road ahead
New scars and wounds will breathe
Peace is an unjust paradox

Ghosts of past battles
Solemnly bow their heads
In respect and admiration
For the warrior’s code

Contentious natives
Audacious trespassers
Cloaked braggadocious
A familiar montage ensues

Imminent uncertainty
Sinister defiance
Rapacious villancy
But who is in the right?

Blood soaks into the hill
Fertilizes the resentment
Another battle sure to occur
Green Hill divides the land.

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 11-03-20

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