Bury your secrets

Please come closer, my dear
Old eyes cannot see so well
There is nothing here to fear
Except secrets that we tell

I knew you would come by
I’m glad you’re not too late
Memories held with a sigh
Herein lies my eternal fate

Tell me the secret you kept inside
The rotting truth that takes its toll
Why did you feel he had always lied
Now is the time to unburden your soul

I am the one, mother, your little keeper
Gone are the days where it’s too much
I always keep digging and bury it deeper
A shovel can surely turn into a crutch

Let me hold your secret as our pact
It’s isn’t fair for you suffer alone
My young heart knows it’s a fact
Listen as the wind begins to moan

Bless you, then, young one
Thank you for being so brave
Maybe this is a right we’ve won
To take the secret to our grave

Carry a torch through the trees
And search for the hidden stone
Once there dig so deep, please
And bury the secrets we’ve known.

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 11-02-20

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