The storm

Another peaceful night without any doubt
Everything is calm, all your demons are out
In the dark horizon clouds start to form
Peacefulness fades away into a storm

You pray for this storm to only be a dream
Pinch yourself and let out a muffled scream
You realize this storm is really a nightmare
Nature takes out her aggression without a care

The clouds dump their rain like the world is over
You frantically search for your four-leaf clover
Today isn’t your lucky day, and neither is tomorrow
For the storm’s destruction will surely lead to sorrow

The thunder rumbles and shakes the dark sky
You close your eyes and heave a worried sigh
The storm is coming closer with nowhere to hide
Be afraid, because no one is right by your side

A lightning bolt flashes in the near distance
The storm marches on with hellish persistence
The lightning’s yellow glow blinds your sight
You can’t beat this storm, it’s an unfair fight

Listen closely and you’ll hear the wind roar
You have to get to safety, you run for the door
The door is locked, your breath in your chest
There’s too much at stake, and no time to rest

The noise of the storm sounds like a song
It will lull you to sleep as you sing along
You pray the storm’s fury will be over soon
So you can see the bright light of the moon

Hush little baby and dry your tears
This storm has no place in your fears
The storm’s destruction is finally over at last
Take a deep breath and forget about the past.

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 10-28-20

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