A new chapter begins

Last day at my job — this is the end
The nightmare fades into a dream
It feels surreal, like watching myself
In an old black and white movie
Music plays as the end credits start to roll

Walk out the door
For the last time
No long goodbyes
Or “we’ll miss you!”
Just golden silence

Only told a select few
That I was leaving
The others?
Maybe they’ll notice
Someday…or not
Indifference can be sweet

Fourteen years at this place
It feels like a prison sentence
Finally able to make my escape
Not looking back — only forward
Start my new job on Monday
Beyond excited and optimistic

It wasn’t always reciprocated animosity
There were good times along the way
Admittedly, they were many years ago
Such hazy memories, barely recognizable
Drowned out by regret and frustration
Well, it takes darkness to see the light

Arrived as a naive youth of twenty-three
Leaving as a jaded adult of thirty-seven
A small lifetime spent within these walls
Where did it all go so wrong?
Too many wasted years in this place
Onward to bigger and better things

And that’s that. A new chapter begins.

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 10-23-20

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