Back to the past

Holding back the tears
Looking back on the years
Reliving what we’ve done
Back when we were young

Never wanting to let you go
Wishing time had gone by slow
Things went way too fast
And now it’s all in our past

I never found the words to say
The way I felt that cold, spring day
You were always the one for me
I think of what is and will not be…

The past is long gone
Every night has its dawn
Sweet memories endure
And help provide a cure.

Fun fact: I wrote this poem — at least the first three verses — back in high school. (Jeez, that was 20 years ago!) I added the last verse before posting it, as I felt like it needed a little more. I also renamed it from “Past” to “Back to the past.”

I don’t know what inspired this poem back then, or if it was just something I made up. But it feels timeless, like something I could have written today.

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 10-21-20

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