Odd odyssey

Another stargazing odyssey
Through time and space
A wandering mind-traveler
Famished for curiosity’s mystic

Together; collectively intertwined
A single body, mind, heart, and soul
Ebbs and flows of intergalactic travel

Is that a mountain in the distance?
Or a canyon? Can it not be both?
It isn’t my prerogative to find out
Shapeshifting entities will tease

True intentions will commence
When they’re ready, and I’m able
A thousand questions to ponder
Amongst stars, moons, galaxies

Questions without answers
Forces a man to go deeper
Into unknown complexities
Of his mind and minds of others

Standing still?
Or still standing?
Only perception
Determines the difference

Join me, fellow traveler
In this newly forged alliance
Thus begins our exodus
Journey into faraway worlds

Embrace the winds of change
As they tempt, swirl, and wrap
May the winds lift us high enough
To dance with stars of ancient skies.

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 10-16-20

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