Soul to sell

Your voice soothes and tempts me
As my fate unfolds for us to see
This trip we’re on will end soon
And we’ll float away to the moon

Never wanting to go back to those days
And revisit the shame within our ways
Words in my heart that I couldn’t speak
My gasping breath left me feeling weak

Reflecting on the path that led us here
Filled with confusion, hurt, and fear
I can’t forgive you or forget the past
Here we are, face to face, at last

As my casket lowers into the Earth
I force a smile for what it’s worth
Your tears wash away the pain
Death shows us a life lived in vain

We’ll soon be together once more
Free from the lies that we swore
Judge and jury of my private hell
My soul is all I have left to sell.

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 10-15-20

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