Scenes from a madman

Unable to replicate the fine art
Reduced to staring in awe
Dark silhouettes painted against sky
Brazen in their unparalleled beauty

Confidence at its finest
Bold cinematic visionary
Freedom to live and die
In terms that mortals wouldn’t dare

Skullduggery at its core
Horrorshow! It was him!
Forget logic and reason
When images inspire

One admires the madman
Pure talent in unspoken ways
Critical, yet just
Admiration earns respect

Relentless pursuit
Unbeknownst to many
Incomparable devotion
Reverend by cultish onlookers…

Awoken from a bizarre dream
Fantasy and reality intertwined
Thoughts that begged to be captured
In a self-portrait not yet painted.

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 10-12-20

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