Murky waters

The darkness of my past
Finds me here at last
In the mirror I see the lies
Staring back into my eyes

I hear the voices call my name
Playing their selfish little game
These chains around my soul
Scar my heart and take their toll

Reflecting on the choices I made
In the murky waters I would wade
The times I drowned in the tide
Buried the truth and let it hide

Reach your hand out to mine
Let me know it will all be fine
I’m not as strong as it appears
Too weak to face these old fears

I remember the promises you said
Back when we were not yet dead
When we were so young and brave
Not digging our own shallow grave

I search inside for the will
Unable to swallow the pill
This is not my last night
I’ll push through and fight.

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 10-03-20

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