Death of a patriarch

Beloved family patriarch
Finally took his last breath
90 years under the sun
As light fades to darkness

Ethereal music of angels singing
Solemn pageantry of a funeral
Following the proud traditions
Passed down from yesteryear

Family dressed in funeral black
Exiting an ornate cathedral
With the family crest held high
A procession through the streets…

Mix of sadness, relief, and pride
Remember those who have died
Tears of joy and pain on their faces
Comforting words, warm embraces

Death reminds us that life goes on
And every night has a new dawn
Let us not stand still in sorrow
But move forward into tomorrow

There’s no shame in having grief
May our mourning be gently brief
Papa would have wanted it that way
Even though the sky looks gray.

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 10-01-20

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