Captain Redbeard & his pirates

Name’s Captain Redbeard
I’m fearless and feared
Just a man of the sea
It’s a pirate’s life for me

Icy seawater through my veins
Tougher than shackles and chains
This old wooden ship has scars
We defend it because it’s ours

Our tattered flag hoisted high
Colors by which we live and die
A skeleton crew of lost misfits
This crew never calls it quits

Sailing through the black seas
Feeling the warm familiar breeze
Conquered many bottles of rum
To the horizon, here we come!

Sailing on through the night
Oi, what’s that in my sight?
“I spy the flag of our rival crew!
Do it men, ye know what to do!”

“Onward! Full speed ahead
Don’t stop ‘til they’re dead!
Men, let’s be sure and brave
Send these to a watery grave!”

“Ready, aim, fire! And again!
Reload! This is it, men!”
“Captain, another fuse is lit!”
“Aim, fire! Boom! Direct hit!”

“Board that vessel while it’s still afloat
If a man is still breathing, slit his throat!
There’s treasure on board, me thinks
Let’s take it all before she sinks!”

“Captain, I found their stash of gold”
“Well well, fortune favors the bold
Bring it on board, without delay
Their ship is sinking in the bay”

“Another successful attack and raid
Ye earned it, men, let’s get paid!
Divvy up all their gold and liquor
Time to celebrate us, the victor!”

An ample feast to end the story
Nothing ever beats pirate’s glory
We’ll sail on towards the sunrise
Always a pirate, never tell any lies

Redbeard and my pirates, mate
Legends of the seas, our fate
Sea rebels and forever free
Yo ho, it’s a pirate’s life for me!

I recently discovered the album “Hymn of the High Seas, Vol. 1” by Antti Martikainen. It’s an amazing album of pirate-themed instrumental music. It inspired this poem — and probably a few others I haven’t written yet!

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 09-23-20

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