My log cabin in the woods

There’s a place I like to go
A safe place where all is well
Alone and far away from it all
Serene, unspoiled, carefree
It’s my log cabin in the woods

It’s a refuge from life’s chaos
Free from sure distractions
To breathe fresh, clean air
At peace with my thoughts
And be alone with myself

Surrounded by tall pine trees
Pristine streams and creeks
Mountains in the distance
Wide open skies all around
And where it’s perpetually fall

Mornings spent writing and reading
Serenaded by my favorite music
I’m already tea-drunk by midday
Evenings spent hiking in the woods
Becoming one with nature’s glory

Orange and red sunsets each day
Leading to a nightly performance
Starring rain, thunder, and lightning
Orchestrated by a talented conductor
With a blanket of stars as the finale

The day ends inside by a warm fire
Smoke curls out the stone chimney
Soft light glows from the windows
As picturesque as an old postcard
From a faded scrapbook of long ago…

Oh, a greater fantasy never existed
It’s not a memory — it’s a daydream
I don’t have a log cabin in the woods
But I visit that place as often as I can
It’s always there whenever I need it.

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 09-22-20

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