Ghosts of War

I hear the cadence over the hill
It’s another army, marching to kill
Lost souls without a place to stand
Fighting brothers from another land

The thoughts play through my head
Both of us will end up broken or dead
Two armies fighting a losing war
With the breath of freedom we swore

It angers me to know we’re in this fight
Never the same after this fateful night
Empty boots marching on the ground
Feelings lost that can’t be felt or found

In this faraway jungle I roam
I think of my family back home
I’m just a trained killer with a gun
But, a hero to them, their only son

I won’t come home with medals on my chest
I’m sure to die in battle, but I’ll give it my best
The wars we fight can’t be won or lost
There’s too much at stake to pay the cost.

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 09-06-20

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