Lost island

Tempted by primal instinct
And purposes unknown
Held in moral contempt
Guilty of being innocent
Until the dawn comes again

Recurring nightmares from youth
The one where I’m being chased
You almost caught me this time
I managed to get away unscathed
Next time I won’t be so lucky

Another enchanted delusion
Seeing shadows that don’t exist
I thought I heard your voice
Floating on the winds of hope
But neither of us was there

Clutching you, as my rock
To keep from floating away
Feeling the world spin
While life passed my eyes
This isn’t the first time for this

A voyage of sure destiny
Headed for our lost island
Far away in a gray ocean
They won’t find us here
Even if they tried

I knew you’d be here waiting
The one place left to hide
Breathe the mystic air
Under a blanket of stars
As part of someone’s dream

When infinity isn’t long enough
The moment arrives without fear
A thousand sunsets we shared
All an eternal memory
Until we fade into oblivion.

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 09-03-20

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