Death of a muse

It’s all just a ruse
To tempt my muse
With no gifts to offer
The mood turned darker

I heard what you said
You wanted me dead
But I’m still right here
So your eyes can leer

You can beg and plead
Or stab until I bleed
We’ve played this game before
Why not do it once more

If you want me gone — then do it
It’s here, the fuse is lit
I’ll give you a headstart
Go on, try to tear me apart

Catch me if you can
I’m your biggest fan
Let’s settle this game
Or call it a different name

I’ll see you at the finish line
No more of this yours and mine
We’ll finally crown a winner
And judge the other a sinner

You’re not even trying
So stop all your crying
You had your last go
I won it all, so you know

Like lost characters in a play
Who never met until today
The stage in a distant land
Music from a phantom band

Ghosts from a shared past
The good times never last
You only gave it your best
Until I laid you to rest

I’ll write nice words on your stone
So you’ll leave me the hell alone
My muse is finally gone and dead
It was all just a thought in my head.

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 08-11-20

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