The snake behind me gives a hiss
It wasn’t supposed to be like this
I turn around to face the beast
My soul is his meal, his final feast

We lock eyes as time sets in the sky
Both of us wanting the other to die
We’re stubborn in our unwavering might
Me against him is not even a fair fight

The snake’s eyes are hypnotic and pure
He tempts my spirit and tries to lure
I reach for my knife to stab this foe
We only are what we don’t know

I am the snake and the snake is me
The duality of man is hard to see
We don’t realize that we’re actually one
Two souls fighting the sins we’ve done

Battle ensues and we both are maimed
Mortally wounded and unfairly tamed
The final, raspy breath from my throat
Kills the snake and the story we wrote.

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 08-04-20

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