Sweet dreams

As the sun morphs into the moon
Another transformation coming soon
Choreographed chaos ensues
Here is a man with nothing to lose

An outsider watching the show
Couldn’t imagine how it would go
A dark fantasy played to the end
Straight paths must finally bend

Crossing the bridge to another land
Lurid memories held in my hand
Straightjacket like a winter shawl
Makes the bugs on my skin crawl

Not welcome or invited
Neither calm nor excited
A recurring surreal dream
Whispers drown a scream

Forbidden fruit from a mystic tree
From deep in the forests within me
Thoughts lost inside my head
Sew scars with a tight thread

A sweet voice tempts my ears
And calms the root of my fears
Further into the endless sky it goes
Sharp as the thorn of a black rose

Into the dark waters I peer
My reflection isn’t far or near
Nothing left but to make it back
Into the void through the black

These new worlds to seek and find
A vastness that opened my mind
As the moon morphs back into the sun
Another night I lived through is done.

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 08-03-20

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