The bread thief

“Hey, there! Hey stop that man!”
Through the crowded street I ran
The pursuer soon gave up the chase
I slowed down and eased my pace

I tightly clutched the loaf of bread
With no remorse in my head
The bread felt warm against my skin
Another day of salvation and sin

Am I a thief? Am I a sinner?
My family needed food for dinner
I stole the bread so we could eat
We can’t afford shoes on our feet

Your eyes judge me
But you can’t see
You’d do the same thing
If you felt hunger’s sting

I only stole what I needed
My forgiveness isn’t pleaded
I’d do it again without thought
With no guilt if I got caught

A man does what he must to provide
Even if he must swallow his pride
This bread fed my family of four
And kept us alive for a day more.

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 07-13-20

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