A blanket of darkness covers the land
Waiting for someone to take a stand
Enemy and savior appear as one
Both carrying hatred, fear, and a gun

Open your eyes to the world we live
It’s reached a wall with nothing to give
The dam is almost ready to burst
We haven’t even seen the worst

The pent up anger that stokes the fires
Misguided truths from perpetual liars
You’ve put your faith in the wrong man
He’s unable to take action or make a plan

Where’s justice for the downtrodden
Stuck in a cycle that needs to broaden
Pungent stench of decaying flowers
Poisons deeds of abused powers

Lend a voice to ones unable to speak
Let the truth be one all of us can seek
How did we come so far and get nowhere
When will we be able to breathe the same air?

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 07-08-20

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