Poison me

My mind starts to open
It floats to a new place
Perceptions soften
Until I see your face

Darkness blinds me eyes
Reality starts to bend
Truth blends into lies
A rip waits for my mend

The field looks so bare
Tempted beyond control
Strange perfume in the air
Stirs my stagnant soul

Your poison tempts my thirst
Who am I to refuse this gift
It’s better than the worst
My spirit accepts the lift

You peer into my thoughts
Waiting for the potion to ignite
It ties my breath into knots
Unable to prevent the fight

A smile on your lips subdues
Eyes spark of dull lust
The tax you charge accrues
I let you do what you must

Powerless against your disease
There isn’t a known cure
Do with me what you please
I trust your intentions are pure.

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 07-06-20

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