Rain at my funeral

The rain at my funeral gently fell
Everyone was there – I could tell
I watched the clouds cry their rain
It eased the sadness and our pain.

Pretty flowers adorned the site
The music in the air was light
Laughter for the stories told
It all gave a blanket to the cold.

The preacher’s voice in my ears
It summarized all of the years
Gave us all a reason to go on
It provided a dusk to my dawn.

“God bless the dearly departed
A life didn’t end, it only started
Dry those tears that you cry
We all live and we all die.”

The rain at my funeral fell upon my face
Let’s say goodbye as I leave this place
Come join me when you have the chance
We’ll live on together in one final dance.

Poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 06-23-20

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