Cubicle 2AB02 – a poem

My last day in here
The end is finally near
Years wasted in this place
Trophies rusting in a case

Drab gray walls that suffocate
I never expected this as my fate
In a tiny courtroom awaiting trial
The jury robs my soul with a smile

Moving to a new lair
Fine, I’ll take the dare
Another trip through hell
My soul is still for sale

Will a new coat of paint
Turn a sinner to a saint?
Will I make my amends
Or is it a means to an end?

I can’t complain, but I still try
Caught in the perpetual lie
Another day as an office drone
Wasting away to skin and bone

Cubicle 2AB02
I fuckin’ hate you!
Tired of your shit
Can’t wait to quit!

Poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 06-22-20

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