My favorite photos from May 2020

A photo essay by Jason S. Sullivan, 06-09-20

Photography is my new hobby. Here are my favorite photos from the ones I captured in May. 

Arlington, Texas

I saw this bridge in Arlington and thought it would make a good photo. I was right. I like the lighter section in the center and the way the bridge frames it. It almost looks like something the Road Runner would use to trick Wile E. Coyote. I didn’t see any roadrunners or coyotes, though. In fact, I didn’t see anyone out there. An empty street can be unsettling. Where is everyone?

Grapevine, Texas

When you think of Grapevine, Texas, you probably don’t picture this. Grapevine is known for its downtown area, wineries, and a rather chic lifestyle. This? It has more of a rural-industrial feel to it. Located near the railroad tracks, it shows another side of Grapevine just off the beaten path.

Fort Worth, Texas

The sky and clouds were awesome on this day. The original photo had much more to it, but I cropped it out. I like the simplicity of the flag, sky, and clouds. It’s powerful and patriotic.

Fort Worth, Texas

Right place, right time. I was in Fort Worth, and there was hardly anyone around. I took this photo from the upper plaza of the new Dickies Arena. (The view from there isn’t terrible, especially when you have it all to yourself!) I noticed two cyclists, lone travelers, out for a ride. For a city with nearly one million people, you wouldn’t know it from this photo. I like the juxtaposition of the wide-open space, city skyline, nature, man, and adventure. It’s almost poetic — even existential — and looks like an enjoyable bike ride. I saw them, but I don’t think they saw me. I wonder what their view was like down on the street.

Fort Worth, Texas

This is a church in Fort Worth. I purposely made it darker to give it a spooky or mysterious feel. I like the contrast of shadow and light.

Waxahachie, Texas

I don’t know if it’s the architecture, shapes, or colors, but I’ve seen something like this in a movie or TV show. (I can’t place it, though.) I like the pattern of the bricks, the archway, lights, and the doors giving it a pop of color.

Waxahachie, Texas

This isn’t a random cemetery photo. It’s actually the headstone of a distant relative: S.J. Wakeland, 1867-1893. He’s the uncle of my grandmother’s father (my Great, Great, Great Uncle.) This man died 90 years before I was born, yet we’re related. It’s surreal and intriguing to think about that. I knew I had relatives buried in Waxahachie, but didn’t know there were any in this cemetery. I had never seen this headstone until this photo. I have several relatives in this area of the cemetery and nearby. It’s like discovering a whole side of the family you’ve never met. It felt spiritual to “meet” a relative from a different era, and certainly from a much different world. It’s a beautiful stone, and I love the patina and age on it. 

Grand Prairie, Texas

This isn’t my best photo, but it turned out decent. I love old trucks, and old cars aren’t bad either. I like old cars from this era. They’re behemoths, especially compared to most sedans today. Their straight lines are incredibly classic, modern, and timeless — and dare I say sexy. This is another photo where shadow and light came into play. (Maybe that was a subconscious theme this month.) I tried to darken as much as I could around the car. From a distance, all you see is the white car surrounded by darkness. Up close, you can see glimpses of the nearby cars, street, and sidewalk. It’s stark in black and white. I took this photo in bright daylight on a city street. The end result is much different from how it began.

Denison, Texas

What a picturesque pond. My family and I had a mini-vacation near Lake Texoma. This was the view from our cabin. We enjoyed kayaking out on this little pond. It looks peaceful and calm. Not a bad view.

Waxahachie, Texas

As always, I save my favorite for last. I love, love this photo! I had to crop out a large portion of it, as I didn’t like the foreground. I was ready to delete it and move on until I noticed something. You may not see it at first but follow the sunray down towards the bottom row of windows. Look closely at the window on the left. It looks to be half of the face of a skeleton or space alien. (Note the elongated shape of the skull.) You can see the eyes, nose, and mouth — well, half of it anyway. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. The whole photo goes in a different direction — with the eerie sunlight, clouds, sky, and half-face in the building. 

I don’t know what’s going on there. Was it painted like that? Is it a trick of the light? It’s hard to say. But, Waxahachie is known to have a few haunted places. Maybe this is one of them. It’s like something out of The Twilight Zone — and I love it!

And those are my favorites from May. If you liked those, check out some of my other work.

There’s more coming soon!

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