The virus

2020 will forever be known
As the year we were alone
Wake me from this dream
I’m running out of steam

Panic, dread, and worry
All part of the story
Life slipping away
Further every day

Afraid to go outside
Wanting off this ride
Hoping it’s better soon
Praying for a new moon

Trying to find hope
Or ways to cope
The worst isn’t here yet
The world will owe a debt

Alone with my fears
Too numb for tears
No way to get out
Filled with doubt

It could be much worse
But it still feels like a curse
A virus changing the Earth
Showing what we’re worth

Marooned on strange lands
Only told to ‘wash your hands’
Will a mask stop the spread?
Can we believe the lies we’re fed?

The apocalypse is near
Try to soothe your fear
Was it worth all that we lost?
Can we afford the cost?

These scars may not heal
At least it’s something to feel
May we live to see the other side
And forgive the truths that lied.

A poem by Jason S. Sullivan, 04-20-20

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