Downtown Fort Worth – photo essay

A photo essay by Jason S. Sullivan, 04-14-20

Fort Worth, Texas | 04-05-20

I recently spent a Sunday morning in downtown Fort Worth. The city felt like a ghost town — either because it was Sunday morning or the COVID-19. I saw less than 50 people while I was there. It was surreal. Deserted. Almost apocalyptic. It felt like an episode of The Twilight Zone. The emptiness was beautiful. I hoped it would never end.

I tried to capture the emptiness of the city streets. I’ve never seen it so empty! The biggest surprise was the Fort Worth Water Gardens. The water features were turned off, and there were no people. It was so quiet. 

Fort Worth has an enjoyable downtown area. There’s an eclectic mix of skyscrapers, old buildings, religion, history, cowboy culture, and unique sights.

I’ve been to downtown Fort Worth before, but I’ve never explored it in such depth. I spent a couple of hours walking the city streets, alone with my thoughts and a camera. The intimacy was refreshing. The people and traffic often make it hard to explore, especially take photos. On this day, there were few of either one — which made for some fantastic photos. Here are some of my favorites from the day.

Buildings / Skyscrapers

Fort Worth Water Gardens


City Streets

Public Art

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