Handley Historic District – photo essay

Fort Worth, Texas | 03-29-20

I was in the mood to explore last weekend. I traveled west on Division Street in Arlington, which leads into the city of Fort Worth. On the eastern side of Fort Worth is the Handley Historic District. I had never been this far on this road before, so the whole area was a welcome surprise. 

It’s a picturesque area with tons of photo ops. It was practically deserted — either because it was Sunday or the COVID-19. I nearly had the place to myself, which made exploring and photographing a lot of fun. It felt intimate because of how few people were there.

Since I don’t know anything about the area, I’m relying on the City of Fort Worth to set the scene:

“Central Handley was designated as a Fort Worth historic district in 2001 and a National Register District in 2002. It is a commercial district built between 1910-1930 and was home to the easternmost stop in the [sic] Dallas-Fort Worth Interurban.” — fortworthtexas.gov

I’m a casual photographer wanting to make it more of a hobby. I thought these turned out decent since it was spontaneous and my first time doing something like this. Enjoy!

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