LinkedIn Learning: worth the investment

LinkedIn offers a premium subscription, which includes LinkedIn Learning and other tools for networking and job seekers. I’m not affiliated with LinkedIn. I don’t get a commission if you click on any of these links or sign up for their premium service. I’m a customer giving a review.


Do you learn something new every day? If not, what’s keeping you from doing so? 

Someone recently asked me about LinkedIn Learning. I sometimes forget that other people have never used it. I decided to share my experience with others, hoping to introduce people to something new.

LinkedIn Learning makes learning new skills easy and convenient. For me, it’s worth the investment, as the value far exceeds the cost. I recommend it to anyone, especially busy professionals who want to keep learning. 

Here are four reasons why I use LinkedIn Learning: 

  • Convenience
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Variety


Online learning is convenient, especially for busy professionals. LinkedIn Learning brings the classroom to you, with courses ranging in length. Some are less than half an hour. Many go further in-depth and are 1-2 hours or more. Others get updated weekly, with new content added to keep the learning going.

The courses have chapters. Each chapter contains bite-sized videos that are usually a few minutes in length. Rather than take a whole course at once, watch a single section when you have a few moments. 

I sometimes take courses on my lunch break. “Lunch and Learn” can be a time-efficient way to learn something new each day.


My LinkedIn Premium subscription is less than $1 per day. I subscribe monthly. There’s a discount if you pay annually instead of in monthly installments. 

Note: I don’t know if all subscriptions are the same price. LinkedIn offers a free trial before you commit to a subscription.

Look at it this way. LinkedIn Learning for a whole year costs less than 1-2 courses at the local college or university. I can take as many courses as I want on LinkedIn Learning, on my schedule, and at my own pace. I find tremendous value in that. 

Many of the instructors are on LinkedIn. This allows you to ask them questions, or even network with them or other students. (It is LinkedIn after all.) You may not always get a response from the instructor, but many are willing to engage whenever they can.

I add completed courses to my LinkedIn profile and resume. The courses help show current and potential employers your skills.


These courses are superior to others that I have taken in the past. It’s evident in the content, resources provided, and production. 

Not only that, but the courses are engaging. It feels like a casual conversation with the instructor instead of a PowerPoint. (The instructors likely use some type of notes, but it doesn’t feel rehearsed or too stuffy.) The instructors are passionate and knowledgeable about the topics.

Some courses have quizzes and a final exam to help reinforce what you’ve learned. Many courses include resources or other supplementary materials.


LinkedIn Learning has over 15,000 courses available, with new ones added each week. I check their website every Monday morning to see what’s new.

There is a wide variety of courses available. 

  • Personal Development skills: Leadership. Communication. Time Management. Productivity. 
  • Business skills: Customer Service. Sales. Finance. HR. Lean Six Sigma. Management. Marketing. Social Media.
  • Career skills: Cover Letters. Resumes. Interview prep. Networking. 
  • Computer skills: Microsoft Office. Software. Cert Prep. 
  • Life skills: Personal Finance. Managing stress. Accountability.

And, it’s more than skills for the business world. They also offer courses to explore creativity, passions, hobbies, and fun stuff. Learn to play an instrument or speak a foreign language. Learn to draw or paint. Improve your writing or photography skills. 

Those topics barely scratch the surface. There’s something for everyone, regardless of your career or interests.


I’ve used LinkedIn Learning for over 18 months. I’ve completed more than 70 courses, as I try to do one a week. I find it valuable to my career and personal growth. If you want online learning with convenience, value, quality, and variety, LinkedIn Learning may be an option for you.

Make time every day to learn something new. It helps you become a more well-rounded person and stimulates your brain. Learning promotes growth. If you ain’t growing — it’s showing!


LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning Blog — New Courses

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