Feeling empty and wanting to quit
Tired of hiding the truth, I admit
There has to be another way out
From this hellish rut and drought

I sit here and contemplate my choices
Listen to my thoughts and the voices
There has to be a better way to deal
And more emotions and thoughts to feel

The poison numbs away the pain
As it keeps me in my narrow lane
It helps me drown out the sorrow
And make today fade into tomorrow

Regretting the life I lived in the past
Wanting this drink to be my last
Hating the person that it made
Hoping a light brightens the shade

“I’m not an addict,” I say with a tear
As I watch the calendar skip a year
I wonder if I have enough fight
To make it through another night

These personal demons in my space
How did I get here in this place?
“One day at a time,” is what they speak
It takes strength to admit you’re weak.

A poem | by Jason S. Sullivan | 12-18-19

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