Tribute to Metallica

Metallica is one of my favorite bands. I wanted to do a tribute to their music. This poem contains 50+ Metallica song titles.

Fuel the King Nothing’s motorbreath
The shortest straw leads to creeping death
The day that never comes is finally here
Welcome home to the same old fear

Seek & destroy Orion’s moth into flame
It’s all just a suicide & redemption game
“Nothing else matters” is what you say
Your halo on fire burns the hero of the day

Mama said, “Liberty, death, and justice for all”
“Blackened, the unforgiven!” is the Ktulu’s call
Confusion, until it sleeps in the end
Am I evil? – is the question to tend

The devil’s dance is all within my hands
Carpe Diem, baby, and travel faraway lands
The outlaw, torn, escape the damage case
Am I savage? Ask me again to my face!!

I disappear wherever I may roam
Turn the page and dream of home
The one battery inside my head
Is gone forever now that we’re dead

The four horsemen drink whiskey in the jar
But, my friend of misery, don’t take it too far
Let’s race with the devil and have no remorse
The Phantom Lord powers my world, of course

Enter sandman, as the harvester of sorrow
My apocalypse will be here tomorrow
Fade to black into the ecstasy of gold
If you murder one, it’s overkill, be told

Don’t be hardwired to die, cold and alone!
Take a bite out of it and spit out the bone!
Don’t tread on me, you fuckin’ little snake!!
Or I’ll see you tomorrow at your funeral wake!

Master of Puppets is some kind of monster to see
All nightmare long he chases poor twisted me
For whom the bell tolls in St. Anger’s mass
Only Metallica gives you metal up your ass!!

A poem | by Jason S. Sullivan, 12-03-19

Metallica songs used:

All Nightmare Long
All Within My Hands
Am I Savage?
Am I Evil?
And Justice For All
Carpe Diem Baby
Creeping Death
Damage Case
Don’t Tread on Me
Enter Sandman
Fade to Black
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Halo on fire
Harvester of Sorrow
Hero of the Day
I Disappear
King Nothing
Mama Said
Master of Puppets
Moth into Flame
Murder One
My Friend of Misery
My World
No Remorse
Nothing Else Matters
Now That We’re Dead
Phantom Lord
Seek & Destroy
Some Kind of Monster
Spit Out the Bone
St. Anger
Suicide & Redemption
The Day That Never Comes
The Call of the Ktulu
The Four Horsemen
The Outlaw Torn
The Shortest Straw
The Unforgiven
Turn the Page
Until It Sleeps
Welcome Home
Wherever I May Roam
Whiskey in the Jar

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